Friday, 11 August 2017

Raw Carrot Cake Slices

I'm not sure if I've mentioned my love of carrot cake before... Jk, it's constant, I know. Ever since visiting The Raw Kitchen in Perth I've been dreaming of their raw vegan carrot cake, so I did an experiment. I made it into slices so I could top with "cream cheese frosting" (plot twist, it's also vegan) cos I'm mainly all about the frosting, but the base is also pretty good just rolled into balls for easy snackin'. Anyway, if you're into carrots and stuff, give it a go!

Monday, 31 July 2017

Raw Millionaire Bites

I used to make regular millionaire shortbread all the time back in uni, but I honestly prefer this healthy + vegan friendly version. It's still just as rich as the real deal, but the dates and the oats give it such a natural taste, plus the edition of orange makes it a little bit lighter with the added bonus of making it reminiscent of a Terry's Chocolate Orange. Hopefully if you recreate you'll be able to slice them up better than I did...


Monday, 5 June 2017

Travel Essentials

Travelling. For many people, myself included, long haul flights can be stressful. Early mornings, late nights, lack of sleep, lugging around luggage... It's just generally not conducive to a fun time, I've taken my fair share of flights now though, and whilst I'm no travel expert here's a little snoop into my hand luggage travel essentials. I promise they'll make your journey just that little bit easier.


Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Carrot cake smoothie bowl

I didn't like carrot cake for years, but it's my brother's favourite. So every year September would roll around, I'd make my annual carrot cake and take the whole thing to his, collecting the container a week later. 

One year I brought said cake to his birthday meal instead and we all tucked in after. I was hooked. So much regret about shunning it for the first 2 decades of my life. But don't worry, I've been making up for lost time. Anything that could potentially be carrot cake-afied – energy balls, cookies, oats – I've given it a go. 

Since being in Bali, I've really missed my carroty fix. It's not such a thing here and with no access to an oven, I've had to accept it's off the cards. So this got me thinking, carrot cake smoothie bowl...?


Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Nalu Bowls Ranked Best to Worst

If you follow me on instagram, you’ve probably seen my smoothie bowl obsession. Practically everywhere does them over here in Bali, but Nalu Bowls does them exceptionally well. There’s a few different locations, all with the same menu. There’s 6 different bowls, which all come topped with granola and bananas (and sometimes other stuff), and then you can add extra toppings. They’re super thick so have the consistency of ice cream, come served in a little coconut bowl and are so great in 30 degree heat. Ultimate fan girl right here.
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